Cybersecurity Program Awarded $1.43 Million Grant

The Cypress College Cybersecurity program has earned a $1.43 million grant and a new K-12 dual enrollment pathway.

One of six recipients, Cypress is the only college in the Orange or Los Angeles counties that was awarded this grant by the California Community Chancellor’s Office. This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grant opens up a pathway for neighboring Magnolia high school students and future Chargers.

The partnership program provides career opportunities, certificates qualifying for entry level jobs and a pathway that is run through nearby Cal State Fullerton and University of California, Irvine.

Marc S. Posner, Director of Campus Communications, was able to explain the process of achieving and accepting the grant. Posner said, “It was a competitive grant that was headed by the Dean of Business and Computer Information, Henry Hua.”

He continued when he described how convenient the process was, “we submitted and were approved.” As much as it was an achievement for the Cypress Cybersecurity program to earn the grant, the importance of it comes from the new opportunities it brings for the future.

Cypress College was not only granted $1.43 million dollars for the Cybersecurity program but a pathway for students who will be incoming freshmen at Magnolia High School this upcoming year. The group of 60 first year high school students will be admitted into the program at Cypress College for the 2020 fall semester.

This program starts high school students students with a plan and as Marc S. Posner states, “helps students find pathways early and follow it.” Though the grant is awarded to Cypress, the money more so affects these high school students and their future in the long run as Posner explains, “the purpose is to build pathways for students.”

The college takes pride in being awarded this grant and acknowledges how it shows the success of the programs on the Cypress College campus. “It is a very prestigious grant,” Posner said, “it really speaks to the success of the Cypress security program and partnership to the local K-12 schools that we have.”

The Cypress Cybersecurity program proved its success by being the only community college in the Orange or Los Angeles counties to earn this award- Marc S. Posner spoke for the school as he said, “It is exciting but more gratifying because it connects to our other work,” he goes on, “this really validates those efforts.”

Students who pursue this STEM program are provided many advantages in the workforce and in their educational career, such as individual academic support, an opportunity to earn an Associate of Science or transfer degree and to be first in line for a job at participating business partners after completion.

Posner spoke of how the program is not only helpful for the school but for the students after their academic career, “The main objectives is to find ways into a lucrative career for students.”

Cypress College provides many opportunities to help students move on to their next journey whether it would be higher education, transferring to another university, or career planning. The $1.43 million grant helps Chargers and high school students plan out their future, as well as growing the Cypress STEM program and as Marc S. Posner says, “improve[ing] and build[ing] a skilled workforce in our local community.”


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