Club Rush

The bridge was packed with students as they took in all the different clubs Cypress College had to offer at Club Rush, hosted by Cypress College Associated Students, on Wednesday, Feb. 18. With free food and loud music the event was very inviting to all students and produced a fun and laid-back atmosphere.


Students Gaby Gutierrez, 18, Ashley Marciel, 21, and Robert Ortiz, 23.

Many different clubs came out to the event such as the LGBT Support Club, the Marine Biology Club, International Club, and Human Services Club. This event gave each club the opportunity to represent who they are and a chance to interact with the students on campus who are new or unaware of what the clubs had to offer.

“It’s about meeting new people and recruiting new people,” said Momoko Ishida, President of the International Club.

“It’s exciting and eccentric! It’s my first time here and I feel very welcomed,” said Robert Ortiz, 23, representative of UFC gym.

Like Robert, many of the students are new on campus and found this event very fun and exciting. The minute a student began to walk through the bridge club members would reach out in an inviting manner encouraging them to take a look at the clubs. For those students who may be a bit shy this event allows them to still interact with people as the clubs attempt to recruit more people. Each table held photos of past events and some even handed out candy to entice new members. Depending on what each individual was interested in they could visit the table that seemed the most promising.

The Associated Students host this event every semester with hopes to encourage more student involvement and participation.

Tanya Washington, Vice President of Student Organizations, stated that the goal of this club rush was to increase, “connection with your peers, connection with faculty and staff, connection with your campus, which leads to student success!”

The quote that the AS is standing behind is that “Connectivity increases positivity and dismisses negativity”. This quote was hung up on a large banner right beside the AS tent.

By holding Club Rush, Associated Students hopes to create an environment in which students feel encouraged to interact more with others and create opportunities to make new friendships. By joining clubs new students are able to make friends on campus and become more active within the school. Each club also offers different opportunities and experiences which allows students to feel more involved and unified as a student body. Each club rush event seems to be a success as more and more clubs begin to join allowing clubs to grow and for new ones to become established.

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