Club L.E.A.D. Screens “Missrepresentation”

Club L.E.A.D. did an open screening of Miss Representation, a film about the way the media influences the public’s view on women. The screening was on September 19,2013.

Miss Representation challenges the limited view of women in the media, as well as takes a hard look at the under-representation of women in position of power and influence.

Lupe Ruiz, president of club L.E.A.D., said that the movie is about “trying to open up the student minds to what the media is selling to them.” The movie takes on a first person account from both the people in the media and the younger generation’s thoughts on how the media affects them.

Ruiz said that to her the main message of the movie is “You have a voice.” This was a strong theme in the movie. The narrator of the documentary explored the issue of women in the media because she had a daughter on the way and wanted to find that voice. She finished with “If you haven’t seen it before you should definitely see it.”

The movie played out on two screens and there were two rooms full of people.  It began with a personal story and moved on to several famous people like Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Margaret Cho, Rosario Dawson and Gloria Steinem about how the media affects them.

The movie had several striking scenes. One of which was a time-lapse shot of a model from no makeup to CG enhancements. Before make-up and after make-up looked like two different women. Once they did the computer touch ups the model was unrecognizable from her original self.

Club L.E.A.D. Public Relations Randy Felder sociology major talked a little bit about what L.E.A.D. is all about, “Don’t make us bra burners.” He went on to say that the true reason for club L.E.A.D. is more equality for everyone not just women. Felder is an army veteran and hopes to see more guys involved in the club.

Club L.E.A.D has more plans to do activities open to the public . Ruiz said, “If you haven’t seen it before you should definitely see it.”


two class rooms full waiting to see “Missrepersentation”

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