Geography Club

Geography Club a new and upcoming club is looking for members and to be the best club on campus.

Geography Club went down to Bolsa Chica Wetlands to do the beach clean up on Nov. 3.  “This is just one of the fun events we have planned,” Ricardo Gomez, 20, geography, said. The Geography Club is a new club on campus but they hope to grow bigger in time.

“Geography is not about maps but about restoring the earth’s physical environments.” Geographic Information Systems, or GSI, is how Ricardo says this is possible. “GSI is everywhere in your navigation system, weather predictions and even figuring out global trends.”

Armando Mendoz, department chair and adviser to Geography Club, said that a club like this is important. “GSI is one of the fastest growing sectors in the job market and students need to know. It also allows us to show that Geography is fun.”

The Geography Club meets once a month. “Anyone is welcome to come and check us out. It is a great opportunity to find out what geography is really all about,” said Mendoz.

Other events they have planned to do as a club includes a Cal State open house and a trip to the sky line tram in December. Ricardo said this up and coming club is here to stay. “We are going to win the end of the year competition for the clubs. That means we need more events.”

There is only  10 members currently but they have big plans to grow.

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