Brace Yourself: Spring Registration is Here!

Spring Registration is here!

It’s that time of year again. Students are rushing to meet their registration dates on time. This can be very stressful for students who do not know which course to take next; not to mention the struggle of finding an open seat in the classes they need. Setting up a plan for the next semester is a great way to get through the struggle of choosing the right course.

Registering for classes requires a process. Students must be prepared and set up a schedule for the upcoming semester that works with their work and family life, as well as a schedule that meets all the transferable requirements. Here are some tips on how to efficiently set up ones work and school schedule:

1. Purchase the Cypress College 2015 Spring Catalog. Yes, it is available online but the convenience of having it on hand can help when mapping out a schedule. The courses are all listed in alphabetical order with all the information needed; a brief description of the course, any prerequisites and the units of the desired course.

2. Meet with a counselor. The counselors are here to help. Meeting with a counselor is a great way to set up a path to success. They help to figure out which courses to take next, as well as confirming the proper courses are being chosen to meet ones major requirements. They are available for walk-ins which are brief 15 minute sessions or one-on-one meetings which requires an appointment. (Insert counseling center hours and phone)

3. Give yourself time. Registering can take five seconds or it can take one hour. Allowing enough time out of ones day to properly register can save the headache of being distracted and signing up for the wrong classes. When registering try to be at home or in a quiet place without distraction. Nothing is worse then registering when the system goes down or the classes needed are not available anymore. Having a plan b is crucial when desired courses are closed. It saves time and helps to avoid searching frantically through the catalog for another class to take.

4. Set up a Plan. Setting up classes for the next semester can be a huge commitment for students. It takes dedication and hard work to get through a semester all while keeping a high G.P.A. For most students, juggling a full-time or even a part-time job can be difficult when taking on a full load of classes. Students should always have their  best interest in mind. When it comes down to it, school should be the top priority. Once that degree is attained the sky is the limit! So when trying to figure out a work schedule put school first. If cutting work hours is what needs to be done in order to squeeze that late class in, then do it. Don’t sacrifice your school for work. Having an employer that is willing to work around a school schedule is paramount.

Heather Helberg, 24, sociology major said, “Every time registration comes around I am so stressed. My date is always late so I freak out thinking all the classes I need are full.”

Amanda Juarez, 21, communication major  said, “When I register for classes I make a schedule of the classes I want and have a couple of backup classes in case something happenes during registration.” Juarez is finishing up her last semester at cypress. “I always make sure to check the open class schedule to help with planning.”

Lizzette Negrete, 22, history major said, “It’s my last semester so I had to make sure I got everything I needed to transfer. I did get all my classes thankfully and I did plan ahead by collaborating with work.”

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