Baseball Parking Blues- a Worthwhile Inconvenience?

As of Dec 2018, Measure J Construction began working on the renovations for the Science, Engineering, Math (SEM) Building on Cypress College campus. As a result, students have lost access to normally available parking spaces, with some students having to instead park in areas reserved for overflow parking.

The SEM project is the first of many projects of the district wide Measure J bond program. The goal of the program is to provide students with state of the art facilities due to current facilities not meeting “existing student demand,” according to the Cypress College website. Construction started Dec. 2018, with projected completion in Dec. 2020 prior to an official opening of the new building in Aug. 2021. As a result of this new construction, Cypress College students have lost access to Parking Lot 7 with some having to park in the grass area between Holder and the baseball field.

For some students it’s a hassle- but that’s not the case for all students. Chris, a 21 year old business major stated, “I like it because I live right next to the lot, it’s convenient, guaranteed parking and I get exercise”. For people like Chris who live in close proximity, parking in this area is a norm. For others like Katherine, a 20 year old mortuary science major, it’s not- Katherine stated, “I live really far so it already takes an hour to get here; having to park here means I have to leave an hour and a half before I start classes. Also when it rains it’s a hassle because there’s no pavement from here to classes.” She added that it has a negative affect on her but she understands why parking is limited.

In an interview with Marc Posner, Director of Campus Communications, a lot of questions were answered more in depth. Posner reiterated that the lot is closed for construction of the SEM Building- with portions being used for actual construction and while others are being used for storing equipment and supplies.

He stated that this project is a 106,000 square foot building that replaces a “building that was designed before humans landed on the moon.” The building will have new digital classrooms, expanded labs and classrooms that match class sizes- a factor that will also affect the efficiency of scheduling.

Posner also stated that the field that is being used as overflow between Holder and the baseball field has always been the go to for extra parking and preceded to say that the expansion of Lots 4 and 5 last semester was another solution for our now closed Lot 7. He also stated that it doesn’t affect the games or practices because “this parking is standard at the beginning of semesters.”


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