This is the Academic Senate agenda for May 14, 2015. Academic senate is open to the public and held in room 414 of the Cypress College Complex from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Click the link bellow to the the live broadcast.



I. Establish Quorum and Acknowledge Alternates

II. Adoption of the Agenda

III. Approval of Minutes from April 23, 2015

IV. Public Commentary (3 minutes per speaker)

V. Faculty Announcements and Invitations (2 minutes per speaker)

VI. Special Reports (3 minutes per Report)
A. Associated Students      Tanya Washington
B. United Faculty       Randa Wahbe
C. Staff Development      Peggy Austin
D. Curriculum Committee      Mark Majarian
E. Academic Senate Treasurer’s Report   Laurie Morvan
F. Cypress College Foundation     Lynn Mitts
G. Basic Skills Committee      Cindy Shrout
H. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment   Sarah Jones
I. Program Review and Department Planning   Kathleen Reiland
J. District Council on Budget and Facilities   Jolena Grande

VII. President’s Report and Committee Appointments (15 min.)
There will be reports on information received from PBC, PAC, and the Board. There will be special recognition of both the nominees and winners of the Faculty Awards chosen at the last Senate meeting.   The Senate will need to appoint a representative to the following committees
1. Educational Master Plan Task Force (5 members)
2. Senate Election Nominating Committee
3. Reassigned Time Work Group

VIII. Faculty Issues – Unfinished Business
A. Student Use of Instructional Space without Supervision (10 min.)    Michael Klyde
The sub-committee will present a draft of a policy that allows for students’ use of instructional space. This is a second read and a vote on the item is expected.
B. Student Use of Electronic Devices (5 min.)              Jesse Saldana
There will be a preliminary discussion of the use of electronic devices by students in the classroom. The policies of the various divisions will be discussed.
C. Campus Maintenance Hour (5 min.)         Bryan Seiling
The sub-committee will report on the work done in examining the concept of a  campus-wide maintenance hour.

X. Faculty Issues – New Business
A. Seating of Newly Elected Senators (10 min.)         Jolena Grande
The Senate will seat the newly elected or re-elected Senators for 2015-16.
B. Election of New Senate Officers (20 min.)         Jolena Grande
The Senate will elect a Treasurer, Secretary, and President-Elect.
C. Leadership Conference Funding (5 min.)         Jolena Grande
The Senate will be asked to approve funding for members of the Senate    Executive Committee to attend the ASCCC Faculty Leadership Institute June 11-  13, 2015 in San Jose. There will also be a presentation on the opportunity to   participate in the ASCCC Professional Development Leadership College.
D. Academic Senate Meeting Calendar, 2015-16 (5 min.)       Jolena Grande
The Senate will be asked to approve and set the meeting calendar for the    Academic Senate for 2015-16.   E. SLO Committee Mission Statement and Responsibilities (15 min.)    Sarah Jones  The SLO Committee has drafted a Mission Statement and Responsibilities that  will be presented for a first reading.

XI. Adjournmeent

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