5 Songs for Summer


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With the summer approaching, of course students are probably looking forward to soaking under the sun at the beach and road trips with friends. If not, you will probably be working or taking summer classes, which is unfortunate. Regardless, we’ll all be listening to the radio, Pandora, Spotify and any other form of music streaming. At some point throughout the summer there will be a number of songs that we’ll probably be singing to. Whether it be a catchy chorus or an unforgettable melody, by the time summer is over you’ll hear some songs that will remind you of the good times, and bad. In time, we’ll be dreading the thought of school while in the classroom wishing we could go back.

So here’s a list of some potential songs of the summer:

1. “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake

Don’t get me wrong but this song just reads summer all over it. Can’t you imagine yourself putting this over your GoPro videos recapturing your beach, camping, and concert trips from this summer?


2. “Cha Cha” by D.R.A.M.

If this song doesn’t make you want to dance then there’s something wrong. Who doesn’t like to cha cha?


3. “2Shy” by Shura

This just sounds like a tune to cruise to while driving down PCH, windows down, with the sunset. From the melancholy vibe to the wavy synths you can’t really go wrong here.


4. “Style” by Taylor Swift

If you’re a big Taylor Swift you’ll probably have this song on repeat. We’ve all probably heard this on the radio too. Regardless, there’s a slim chance that you’ll go on about your summer without hearing this song whether you like it or not.


5. “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

This song has been playing on the radio for months and probably will be throughout the summer. As much as you hate this song there’s no running away from it. You can travel halfway across the world and they’ll probably have this song playing in the malls. It’s everywhere and this song will make its way to you at one point or another this summer. If you love this song, well then cheers to you.

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