Join the Dance Department for the First Dance Invitational Concert

For the first time in department history, the Cypress College Dance Department will host a Dance Invitational Concert in the Cypress College Campus Theater on May 17 at 4 p.m.

The Dance Department has invited several local dance groups and companies to join them on stage and showcase different works. The directors of these companies include full time Cypress College staff Maha Afra and Erin Landry, as well as four part time staff members. “When you are working with your own dance company and dancers, there is a sense of freedom; an unrestricted artistic outlet of emotions and ideas.” Said Maha Afra, organizer of the event.

The purpose of the invitational “is to reach outside of Cypress College and eventually include other colleges, high schools, dance companies, and dance studios.” Said Afra. She continued to say that “the invitational will not only be an outreach venue for the dance department, but also a fundraiser to send the dance majors on conferences.”

By going to conferences, dance majors are able to gain a professional experience and create opportunities for themselves in the professional dance world. Dance conferences also teach dancers how to incorporate their passion for personal expression into careers.  dance invitational v4

Afra said of the talent of the companies that are to be showcased, “the audience will experience the artistic vision of choreographers who chose to do these works as a personal expression rather than as part of their job.” The featured companies include DRDT Dorcas Roman Dance Theatre, Funderburk Dance Artists, Jessica Kondrath: The Movement, Maha and Company, Merge Dance Theatre, Passion Grace and Fire Dance Ensemble, and Vicky Hips.

Because the invitational serves as a fundraiser, it is very low tech. There will be no major light designs or sets, but the talent of the outside works is sure to please any audience. “I am hoping that next year we are able to get more support from our administrators so we can have more design elements added to the dance medium.” Said Afra.

Tickets for the invitational will be on sale at the door of Cypress College Campus Theatre for $5 each the night of the event. The concert will be held at 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 17. To reserve tickets or for more information, contact Maha Afra at 714-484-7207 or

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