Zombies Go to Prom


The Lively Arts Club is hosting a zombie prom in the campus theatre on Friday from 7-10pm.

Most Cypress College students have probably attended a prom before but instead of being dressed in long dresses and suits this prom will be filled with scary looking zombies. “We have chosen Zombie Prom as our theme because it is a way for everyone to let loose and become someone else for the night,” Megan Imperial, President of the Lively Arts Club.

This is the first year that the Lively Arts Club has been active on campus and by hosting a fun event they hope to attract attention of other students on campus who are unaware of the arts department and the club. “Going to a zombie prom will be really weird because I’m so used to only seeing zombies on television,” Eric Guzman, 21, Communications major.

The goal of the club is to support all types of art at Cypress College and this prom gives students an opportunity to practice the arts that they are learning. Earlier in the fall semester the makeup class had held a zombie fashion show using the skills they learned in makeup to create zombies. To continue on with the theme and even further their practice the Theatre 147 stage makeup class students are offering free zombie makeup to those attending the prom. Makeup will be applied in front of the Art Gallery from 5:30-8pm.

The event will have music and includes a potluck with food brought in by those attending. Barbara Meyers, Advisor of the Lively Arts Club and Theater Professor, said that she would be bringing in “zombie toes” made of peanut butter cookies and chocolate. This is the first event that the club is hosting and so it will be free. However, to keep it free the event is mainly for club members and their guests.

“It’s costume, it’s music, it’s makeup.It’s meant to focus on the arts and for people to get together. I’m hoping that it’ll all come together!” said Meyers.

“Everyone involved in the Lively Arts Club has worked very hard and has continued to show support for the Arts here on campus. So for this event we want to show our appreciation to not only our club members and artists but also any newcomer who is searching for a stress free and fun night to enjoy,” said Imperial. “We hope that through this event we can go larger as a club to fulfill greater friendships and projects in the future.”



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