Where Will You Be This Summer?

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Once finals are over we’ll all be wondering what’s next on our agenda since it will be our favorite time of the year, summer. Maybe we’ll be traveling around the world or traveling within the state, maybe we’ll be working. Nevertheless, we all want to do something fun, new and exciting since school will be the last of our worries.

Nathan Santos, a first year at Cypress College said, “On my down time before summer school i’ll be hitting the beach and watching a lot of movies.”

There are a lot of things summer gives us the free time to do. Here’s a list of some places that you and your friends can go to spruce up your summer itinerary:


National Parks 

There are a numerous amount of national parks throughout California. From Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Death Valley, there’s a lot of enjoyment that can be found in these places. Joshua Tree National Park is probably the closest national park to our area and it’s a great place to go to. You can camp and at the same time enjoy the scenery. From the numerous amount of boulders throughout the park and the countless trails, there’s nothing but pleasure and tranquility that you can get from it. If you want more information on national parks to visit throughout California you can find some at http://www.nps.gov/state/ca/index.htm


The Beach

Living in Southern California we’re surrounded by beaches. We have Huntington, Bolsa Chica, Seal, Newport, Laguna and the list goes on. If anything it should be a tradition to go to the beach at least once over the summer. Who doesn’t like soaking up under the sun? What’s amazing about California is that there are a lot of hidden beaches that many people have never heard of and been to. Here’s a list of hidden beaches throughout Southern California.



If you really like to get active and enjoy views, you definitely need to go on a hike this summer. What’s great about California is we have the beach, national parks and hiking trails to just enjoy the outdoors and nature. We take advantage of the wonderful weather we have year round and there’s no better way to spend summer than being outdoors. Here’s a list of some awesome hiking trails in Southern California and whether you’ve gone hiking or not, it should be on your bucket list.



For fans of art in general, a museum trip is a must over the summer. If you enjoy various works of art why not make the most of your free time in the summer and visit some museums. Here’s a list of some museums that you should visit.

10 Great Museums in LA


Hopefully this article has helped enlighten you on some ways to make your summer a little more eventful and exciting. If you aren’t really sure about camping, going to the beach or hiking here’s another list of some miscellaneous places that you can go to. So where will you be this summer?


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