Transfer Fair

The transfer fairs held at Cypress College gave students a chance to speak with college representatives. Transfer director Penny Gabourie plans the fair in order for Cypress students to get the opportunity to engage with college representatives and ask questions in the convenience of their own school.

“I ask about financial aid, I want to be sure that I am aware of important deadline dates.” Reina Reyes 21, Accounting major.

The fair provides students with a chance to speak with a variety local campus representatives, from four-year colleges to career colleges or trade schools. “I like that I get the chance to compare the different majors from campus to campus,” Skky Morales 20, dance major.

“I am pleased with the outcome of the transfer fair and I hope that more students are encouraged to think about their future in transferring,”  said Gabourie. “The fair provides answers for those last minute urgent questions or for curious students that just want to stop by and learn about different college programs.”

The program is beneficial for all types of students, whether they are a transfer student or a program student, they can get important information out of the transfer fair. The best part about the fair is if students stop to talk to representatives, they are given a raffle ticket and enter a chance to win a prize. The raffle include gifts that are donated from the school that are represented at the fair.

“I’ve seen that Cal State Long Beach was represented at the fair so I had to stop and ask a few questions about the housing on campus,” said Theresa Mendoza, 21, Dental hygiene major. “I want to be financially stable before I transfer and the fair updated me with some important dates.”

Many students like Theresa were pleased with the transfer fair and were thankful for the opportunity that was given to them because they no longer have to go through the hassle of searching for different colleges.

The last Transfer Fair was held March 11, and the next will be held sometime in the Fall semester. Students with questions about their transfer can also go to the transfer center to find times for future counseling events.

Transfer Fair opportunity to speak with college representatives.

Transfer Fair opportunity to speak with college representatives.

under the Cypress College piazza

under the Cypress College piazza




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