A Night With Forensics


Cypress College’s Forensics Team and the Department of Communication Studies is hosting a Night With Forensics on Monday, May 4th. The event will be held in the Humanities Lecture Hall 136 from 7-8:30pm.

This evening is an opportunity for members of the Forensics team to showcase some of the various speeches they gave throughout the year. The even will be open to the pubic and is free of charge. There will be eight different students participating that night. The speeches will vary from informative, persuasive, and even impromptu oral interpretation.

One presentation that will stand out will be the mini parliamentary debate. In a parliamentary debate two people team up against another two and debate on a particular topic or resolution given on the spot. The teams are given a certain amount of time to research and come up with arguments to debate. This presentation will be enjoyable because the audience will get a chance to choose the resolution for the debaters to debate. The students will then be given about 20 minutes to break apart and prepare before meeting again to present their arguments.

“I’m in an Argument and Debate class right now and we’re actually doing parliamentary debates right now,” said Henry Ngo, 24, Nursing major. “Maybe I should go to see how those on an actual team debate.”

Many students on campus may be unaware of what the Forensics team does specifically or about the different types of speeches one can participate in.”This is my second year at Cypress and I’ve never even heard of the Forensics team,” said Cathy Tran, 21, Psychology major. By hosting this event the team hopes to show what they do and maybe encourage others to participate.  Most of the members of the team will be transferring next year and so the team hopes to maybe find new recruits. Even those who are just curious about what Forensics can attend and learn a little more about it.

Liana Koeppel, Director of Forensics, said, “We hope to not only showcase our current team members and their talents but also encourage Cypress students to join us and make Forensics a part of their education.”

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