Sunday Funday – Melrose Trading Post

Looking for antiques and thrifted treasures may be a hassle but if you are even around the Melrose area, check out the Melrose Trading Post. It’s a a fun place not only to shop but it is also a great way to help support students with education and the arts.

Fairfax High School hosts the Melrose Trading Post held right in the school’s quad area every Sunday. This brings together both Fairfax students as well as artists located in the Los Angeles area; Fairfax High School, Greenway Arts Alliance, and also Friends of Fairfax all team up to help create this weekly fund raiser to help bring art and education together. Rain or shine, many people come around to shop even with the limited parking surrounding the area. There is also an admission fee of $3 from 9 a. m. to 5 p.m. for shoppers to enter the trading post. With that being said, many people like to drive down to Melrose to shop for vintage finds and also help raise money for the students of Fairfax High School.

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