Summertiiiime and the Living’s… Not So Easy

I’m the daughter of two hardworking, Mexican immigrants; so the concept of making the most of what you have was instilled in me since I could hear my mother yell to save the sour cream containers. They showed me there was a traditional, natural remedy for almost EVERYTHING. So after a nasty sunburn a couple of weeks ago, I asked my loving mother if there was anything I could do to stop the pain and speed up the dreadful healing process.

She looked at me and slowly whispered, “Vaporub…”

GOTCHA! She actually made me cut a piece of our neighbors aloe vera plant to rub it on my nose. Then I thought, all these natural remedies to help us when were in trouble… Is there any natural way to prevent the sunburn in the first place?

BAM! It hit me.

It’s about that time, summer is just around the corner and So Cal residents, you know exactly what that means. We now get to go from complaining about the cold to complaining about the 100 degree weather. ‘Tis the season! Some of us are excited about hitting the beach and getting that awesome California glow after a nice tan- for others they might be dreading the inevitable pain due to their sensitive skin.

Whether your skin is dry, oily, average, sensitive, fair, or dark, they all could use some tender loving care and protection! And what spells tender loving care more than some natural, awesome smelling oils to protect your skin, rather than some harsh chemicals chilling in that bottle of Coppertone we can smell from a mile away.

Here are some natural alternatives you can check out this summer and see what works for your skin:

Raspberry Seed Oil: SPF 25

Carrot Seed Oil: SPF 35-40 (Dang!)

Zinc Oxide: SPF 25+ (one of the most common natural ingredients added to sunscreens)

Almond Oil: SPF 5

Shea Butter: SPF 4-6

And to all my coconut oil fanatic brothers and sisters- hate to break it to you but our trusted partner only contains about SPF 4-6. If you do have sensitive skin, you might want to use coconut oil in conjunction with one of the items on this list for some more protection.

Remember, though, the best skin advice comes form a doctor or dermatologist. Everyone’s skin is different and unique, with different needs, allergies, and sensitivities! So check with your doctor before rolling around in a tub of carrot seed oil!

With all this being said, remember to have fun this summer. Even if you all are going to be working, make the most out of it!

And with that, PEACE OUT!

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