Studying and Snack Spots

As the school semester progresses and the stress settles in, recurring study spots may begin to lack pizazz. Tired eyes glaring at screens and scanning through text books need a fresh environment to observe, revitalizing motivation and study habits- often what’s needed is simply a change in surroundings.

There are plenty of spots near Cypress College to grab a bite to eat and a caffeinated beverage and complete that assignment that has been put off a bit too long- here are just a few!

Across the street from campus, 7 Leaves Cafe is full of coffee, tea, and macarons with plenty of chairs to pull up with text books. This hip, morning hang out is a calm and quiet place for students who want to enjoy a stimulating drink while reading or studying. 7 Leaves Cafe hours are not only catered to students- being open until ten o’clock pm on weekdays- but also provide free printing to students who order a study snack!

Coffee enthusiasts who appreciate 7 Leaves Cafe will be pleased studying in Starbucks close to campus on Valley View St. Although this spot can be more crowded than other studying locations, it is perfect for group studying sessions. It is also the ultimate studying spot to tune out any noise, plug in a pair of headphones and get lost in any reading material- of course with an iced coffee beside you.

For students who feel coffee will not be a positive factor to their studying, Cha2O Mini is a location on Valley View St. with a larger variety of drinks, and where text books are also welcome. From milk teas, juices, and smoothies, Cha2O Mini has an inviting environment with exciting menu choices. Although the music in this food hangout can get loud, there are fun beats to study to along with outdoor seating for a more relaxing experience.

If students are most comfortable studying on campus, the Charger Cafe is the closest location to hit the books or grab a bite to eat to fulfill cravings after that long class. The cafe has a variety of both cold and hot foods, ready to eat or made fresh to order. Drinks such as Gatorade, fountain drinks, coffee, and juice boxes are ready to quench your thirst and small snacks are available for those students who just need a quick pick-me-up. A large indoor seating area is perfect to plug in a dying laptop and finish any homework, studying or reading Charger’s need to do.

These aren’t even a fraction of the possible locations one can hit the books with a snack and a coffee by their side- what are your favorite study spots? Let us know at!


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