Student Procrastination

Distraction from friends is a major form of procrastination.

Distraction from friends is a major form of procrastination

College students and their study habits: What gears them and what is the reason for procrastination?

“I procrastinate all the time, I am procrastinating right now even,” said Kevin Tran,19, biology. Tran also said that he does not study any other way. He finds it perfectly effective; if he can get to bed early wake up early and cram everything in right before any given exam.

“I used to procrastinate all the time for all my schooling but not this semester, I am finally geared towards a career choice and know that I can no longer have those poor study habits,” said Charles Biles, 33, majoring in health science.

Biles believes that students selecting a career choice that personally interests them can most definitely increase in greater study habits. Biles added, “Students procrastinate because they seem to simply not be interested.” Biles also said that he felt the same way until he found his calling

“I’m lazy. I feel like there is better and more entertaining things to do with my time then to always be caught up with studying.” said, Scarlett Miramontes, 20, undeclared.

Miramontes believes that studying is important but it is also just as important to maintain a social life and not to just completely go into hiding for a semester. Miramontes also said, “There is a happy medium that must be met in order to maintain schooling and a well-balanced social life.”

P.K., 29, an Alumni of Cypress College who now works in the English Success Center program in the library, said, “I believe in relaxing the mind and taking a vacation, while everyone runs around stressing out a week before finals I would take a trip to party in Vegas for the weekend.”

P.K. also said that this method may not work for most but it is something he strongly believes in.

Professor Melanie Nabahani is an English and humanities professor at Cypress College. Nabahani said that the secret to doing well is putting in the time and doing the work, plain and simple.

“It always pains because it is so self defeating to see students put off there work and be discouraged by not doing well” said Nabahani. Nabahani dislikes procrastination, but she said, ” We are only human.”

Nabahni also said the form of procrastination she participates in is “prioritizing out of necessity.” Getting papers graded in time for one class that is going to finish and delaying passing back papers in another class because it will finish a week later was Nabahani’s example of her style of procrastination.

In the end, students will take to there individual unique studying style that works for them the best.

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