Student ID’s Earn Discounts

Get your money back on that student ID that you paid money for earlier this semester.

It’s a little known fact to some but that student ID you always carry with you and use on campus can save you money off campus. Many local businesses near campus offer student discounts. As all you have to do is dig into your wallet and show it off. Save a dollar or two here, 10% there. The savings will begin to add up.

Looking for ways to save money while in college can help one out in the future. Be prepared to look for the bargains that are advertised and even those that are not. Using your student ID to gain savings is a great way to start.

Marianna Hanna, major undeclared, knows where to find the discounts she admitted. However she hasn’t used her student ID to obtain a discount this semester. “I always forget whenever I am there.” said Hanna.

Harold Sully, Chemistry major, frequently uses his student ID to obtain a discount at Farmer Boys Burgers to get 20% off of his order and also at Maki Yaki #34 where he gets 10% off of his order. “I use it every time I go,” said Sully. “which is about twice a week.” He said he knows where to get the discounts because he picked up the pamphlet.

If you don’t know which pamphlet Sully is talking about, it is the one that is available in the Student Activities Center. It has a long list of local businesses including many restaurants, car washes, tax services, automotive repair, haircuts, attorneys and even gyms.  The pamphlet has many business and services that students frequently use and can end up saving a good deal of money over a period of time. The pamphlet will be updated soon for the Spring Semester, but you can still pick one up. The student activities center is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m. to Noon on Friday.

Farmer Boys shift leader, Adela Sandoval sees many Cypress Students using their ID’s to obtain the 20% the restaurant offers. “I work in the afternoons and see about eight students inside and about five in the drive through during the week,” said Sandoval. “There are two regulars, I know their faces.” She said being in close proximity to the school makes a difference. Many students tend to walk over after class or stop by before their evening classes.

Besides the businesses listed in the pamphlet available in the student activities center many other local businesses not listed also offer student discounts. Many times movie theaters, museums, and even online retailers will offer student discounts. If you are unsure if a place gives a student discount. Speak up and ask. Sometimes businesses may not advertise these discounts.

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