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As the semester comes to an end and we’ve come to know our professors. It’s time to wonder: did those Rate My Professor reviews actually work?

If you’re reading Rate My Professor reviews, instead of looking at how easy the professor is, it’s best to look at the structure of the class, and if it fits your needs. Maybe the tests are hard but not a lot of homework. Or the tests are easy and a lot of homework; every student has different needs.

When planning for class for next semester, It’s best not to look at my rate my professor reviews simply because it is unreliable on a lot of aspects.All of the math classes say every professor is difficult. Yes, that is understandable because math is difficult, but what if the person reading this actually likes math, does this deter their point of view.

These reviews may even say the professor is attractive while in person it’s the complete opposite of what you expected. If you don’t know the student who is giving these reviews personally can you really believe their review?

Certain students follow this belief as well.

“I don’t think the reviews are all that true especially if the professor gets a negative rating,” said Hope Stevens, 20, Children’s Psychology major. “Some of my best professors have the worst reviews, yet they have become my favorite professors here. If I am going to look at these reviews I look at how their classroom is structured if the professor doesn’t show up a lot or they are bad at passing things back I don’t want to take them. I already know going into it that the curriculum is going to be hard so I’m not worried as to how hard the class is going to be.”

While other students believe that Rate My Professor is a complete joke, and should not be taken seriously . 

“Rate My Professor is just like online dating. You never know what you’re going to get till you see them in person,” said Emmory Murphy, 21, Hospitality major. “There have been times when I have a professor that is completely different from the reviews that were given. It almost feels  like these reviews were to trick us into believing we have a completely a different professor.”

Some do believe that Rate My Professor is a resourceful tool.

“I actually love Rate My Professor,” said Salina Castillo, 19, Liberal Studies major. “It’s helped me when I’m deciding between two professors. It helps when I’m scheduling my classes. I like that I can get other perspectives on how the class will be and if it will work well with my schedule.”

In order to choose the best professor for your needs its best to look at the class as a whole. You never know what this professor could bring to you, simple because every student requires different needs in order to feel fulfilled in the class.

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