Procrastination (I’ll Think of a Better Headline Later)

The fact that this was uploaded at 3 in the morning on #BaTuesday instead of #BatMonday says enough.

Procrastination is beyond the worst habit that practically everyone has. Why do we all decide to write that 5 page essay the night before it’s due? Why would we pull an all-nighter instead of just working on it days before? We all have different reasons; we honestly forget about that assignment until we are reminded the day before it is due, we get caught up in other priorities, or… we are just lazy. Let’s be real.

How in the world do procrastinators get work done? Do they even manage to get work done? Being the queen of procrastination myself, I truly do care about finishing my work, no matter what. Even if that means losing sleep, or getting no sleep at all. I have been trying to break the beautiful habit for years, but as you can see, I have not been too successful. And I am going to be honest, I write the best essays at 1 in the morning.

Watch this video is see how I manage to get my work done, and tune in every Monday for a new video on my YouTube channel!


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