Measure J: Uncovering the Facts

Orange County Community College District’s Measure J puts a $90 tab on the average North Orange County house.

Fullerton/Cypress repair/Student/Veteran Job Training Measure proposes to upgrade and repair outdated buildings. It will place a $14.90 tax per $100,000 of assessed value on real state in North County. The average home in Orange County cost $625,000, based on figures from

The measure proposes to expand Veterans facilities and job placement and training centers. However, it is not explained how much of the half billion dollars will be spent on veterans who are three percent of the enrollment.

A pitch was made before Cypress College Sept. 25 for Measure J. Dean Richard Fee, Science, Engineering and Math, told 24 people in the room, “I am using my vacation time to support this policy. “ Legally, employees can not endorse Measure J while working on the job.

“I know the story behind measure J and the way the political consultants have decided to market it. They are marketing it based on jobs, but also marketing it based on services to veterans. And that is part of what the bond measure will support some people will say that it’s a small part and that veterans are being used as a political tool. Now let me be clear about this measure J is a campaign ballet initiative it is political. Any time you engage in politics the candidate is the absolute literal, factual candidate is going to lose because politics have a lot of give and take. Veteran’s students in our classroom are amazingly valuable. They provide an experience and maturity level our other students don’t have and that they desperately need.

“Our facilities for veterans I won’t say are deplorable but are seriously lacking. I’ve had veterans’ students in my office telling me that they have trouble and cannot relate to other students and they have nowhere to go where they can feel comfortable, “ said Science, Engineering and Math Dean Richard Fee via live video feed October 9, 2014.

I asked a veteran to respond to Professor’s Fee’s comments, this is his response.

“When it comes to  Veterans a lot of politicians like to pull the veteran card because it’s a touchy subject.  People sympathize with veterans and yes our name does get put out there a lot. Measure J is not directly geared towards veterans but it’s going to help us out. I was there when we asked for permission to place it on the ballet. To my understanding Measure J will mostly be used to upgrade the school. We have over 500 veterans that attend the school and 300 who are collecting benefits.  The veterans resource center has only three computers and one printer. Veterans get frustrated because they are waiting for a computer and they need to get a last minute essay in.  It becomes a nuisance if you are the person constantly waiting for a computer. Measure J is not just for veterans, it is for the school and yes a small portion of it will help us out a lot,” said Christopher Wright, physical therapy major, President of the Cypress College Veterans’ Organization.  

“The Science and technology building should be upgraded because the equipment we are using is outdated. We have trouble getting the bunson burners to light and it can be hazardous,” said Timothy Lawry, geology major.

It is up to the responsible voters in the North Orange County Community District research and make the best decision based on the pro and cons of the measure.



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