Don’t miss the Deadline. Fall Transfer 2015

Attention all procrastinators, it is time to fill out your transfer applications before it is too late. Do not, and I repeat do not wait until the last minute.

Applications for CSU fall 2015 are accepted from Oct. 1st thru Nov. 30th and the UC fall 2015 are from Nov. 1 thru 30th.

The transfer center is currently holding workshops for both the California State Universities and the Universities of California. CSU and UC application workshops are being held once a week in the transfer center. Counselors are available to answer questions at the workshops and appointments are available to those students who need more individualized questions answered.

“I definitely think it was a good idea to attend the CSU workshop. The hardest part is beginning the application and once the instructor showed us how to start the application the rest was pretty straight forward,” said Joseph Rogers, English major. If students are stressing out they should attend the workshop; it shows them how simple the process is, and it is only an hour”

The center uses social media; students can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. There is a link on the Cypress College transfer page that will get students to both sites. There is valuable transfer information on the sites and students can save themselves a trip to the transfer center by logging onto those sites.

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“For the Cal State application there is really no difference in turning in your application on October 1st or November 30th. The only thing is people should not turn it in on the first day or the last day, you want to turn the application in somewhere in the middle. The last day is because they always crash the website, all the people who wait until the last minute and they are trying to submit their application at 11:59 PM and they always crash the website. If students have more questions about the transfer applications they can come and see me and I have a couple of other transfer counselors that work with us and they can come and see them. Usually what happens is students hang around after the workshops and ask questions too. The workshops take about one hour and I usually like to block myself off for another half hour if I can, just to be able to ask question because there are some people who have questions that they do not want to ask in front of the group so they ask me privately. I do want to emphasize all the counselors can do transfer, we specialize in transfers her but all of them can do transfers,” said Penny Gabourie, Director, Transfer Center.

Students can visit the transfer center for workshops dates or set appointment with counselors. The transfer center is located in the second floor of the student center. Hours of operations are Monday – Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Fridays from 8 to noon. Appointments can also be made over the phone at (714) 952-9657.




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