Lighting up the neighborhood

Baby its Christmas!

Thanksgiving is over and the time has come to put up all the Christmas decorations. Nothing screams the holidays other than Christmas lights. All over town families are breaking out the Christmas boxes and getting into the spirit. Some families put up lights that are simple and classic and some go all out with a Christmas light show with music. There are many places to go sight seeing for the holidays but some can be hidden just in your local neighborhood.

Christmas on Elmrock, 12808 Elmrock Ave. La Mirada, is one of the houses to visit for a Christmas outing. This family puts on a light show through their christmas lights that goes with the beat of the radio station they have listed. All of La Mirada residents know of this fun filled light show. Once the sun sets the street is filled with cars circling the corner to get a good spot.

Michael Beeman, 25, finance major, said,”I really look forward to Christmas every year not so much for the presents but more for getting together with friends and family.” With great enthusiasm, “I look forward to Christmas on Elmrock every year to come with friends and hang out and watch the light show.”

Heather Helberg, 24, sociology major, said,”When I visit Christmas on Elmrock it just really gets you in the spirit of Christmas!”

Christmas light display from, Christmas on Elmrock,

Christmas light display from, Christmas on Elmrock,

Another great place to go Christmas light watching is located at 2960 Primrose Ave in Brea. All of the neighborhood comes together and puts on a spectacular light display for everyone to come and enjoy. Onlookers from all over drive through the neighborhood  or park and walk around the houses admiring all the lights. Some home owners who participate in the light show even set up hot chocolate stands and fresh popped popcorn.

Brenda Rodriguez, “I take my son to see this light display every year that it has been up, it is so magical.”

Get out and find the best holiday light display in the local neighborhood and the best part is, its FREE!


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