Forensics Win

Cypress College is home to sports teams and great academic and artistic standards, but something you may not know is that Cypress College is also home of the Cypress Forensics Speech and Debate Team. Throughout this semester the team has competed in weekend tournaments in events such as Persuasive speaking, Informative speaking, Impromptu and Debate.

The Cypress Forensics team is coached by Cypress Communications Professors Mark Dorrough and Liana Koeppel. They work with students to prepare them for competition, so that they may compete with the highest level of competition.

One of our Cypress debate teams consisting of Megan Imperial and Michael Dodson placed second in the Griffin-Mann Invitational in Grossmont, California. The debate portion of these kinds of tournaments span up to two days and within those days there are multiple rounds to which they must debate another team from another school while holding that their position, against or for the current topics they were given. The final round that Megan and Michael had to debate on was the topic of legalizing marijuana for recreation.

If you like to speak, write or even want to work on your speaking abilities, the Cypress Forensics Team meets every Tuesday at 2:40 in the Humanities building room 106.

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