How students stayed fit during Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of students don’t have access to a gym and have to find other ways to stay fit. While most people have become accustomed to doing at home workouts, I asked a few friends how they stayed active during the stay at home orders.  

“For me, the closest thing towards staying active is walking around my apartments at night with my mom. I try my best not to spend the whole day in my room doing homework, and go out at least an hour to get a workout in. Covid-19 has made me a lazier person and unmotivated me to continue to workout because of how long quarantine is.” said Sareth Torres. 

Jesse Solis states “ I have not stopped working out since the gyms closed down. If anything it motivated me to build my own home gym where I could work comfortably from home. I believe making my own home gym only motivated me more since I have seen many positive changes to my body and take them as accomplishments.” 

 Many students have become unmotivated due to the Covid-19 pandemic and decided not to workout. Students have lost control of their eating habits which made it harder to stay active. 

“Once covid-19 took over the U.S and quarantine took place, I was stuck at home for months. We would stock up on unnecessary food and snacks which later started to become a habit. Being at home so much made me eat a lot. I’d eat when there was nothing else to do. I gained so much weight on all the food and no exercise lifestyle. Before covid, I used to go on 2 hour walks everyday, but covid shut down gyms and curfew was forced on us which didn’t give me time to go work out. Covid definitely impacted my eating habits and work outs in a negative way” stated Sayra Hernandez. 

Vanessa Madson also stated “I personally have noticed a few weight changes since covid-19 started but not too drastically. I have gained a few pounds because I do not work out at all but luckily my metabolism is very fast and that helps me not gain so much weight. I used to go to the gym often before this pandemic started but due to it I haven’t done much to try to stay fit. I usually only stretch every morning to keep my flexibility on. I will begin to work out once it is safe to say covid is dying out. As in for now I choose to be lazy because home workouts are not the same.”  


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