A Haunting In Buena Park

The Skeleton Key … (Not The Movie!)

Knott’s Scary Farm returns this year with its highly successful Skeleton Key and Fright Lane combo introduced last year in 2013.The purpose of this Skeleton Key is to allow guests access into an extra semi-interactive room in five of the nine mazes. Those mazes are: Voodoo, Black Magic, The Gunslinger’s Grave, Pinocchio Unstrung, and Dominion Of The Damned each with their own specific scare. These extra rooms are semi-interactive, as they require some participation from the guest either to answer some questions or physically touch/handle something. However, these rooms do require a small sacrifice I mean price to pay; and it’s simply some of your time.

A Pair Of Skeletons In The Dark For A Frightful Spook

A Pair Of Skeletons In The Dark For A Frightful Spook

The thing is that when it comes to the key you have two options; since it is paired with the fright lane you do have a specific line just for you. One option is that you can skip the regular line for the maze and move on ahead to the front. The second option however, is where the small payment of time is required; you can go ahead and skip the line as well, but you enter a different line; this one to enter the extra room. Now, the catch is that the extra room allows a small group to enter at a time, which means that you might see your line moving a lot slower than the original maze line.

This is because the extra room contains a sort of play/act that last about roughly three to five minutes and requires an additional minute to reset. You do have the option of skipping the line and going straight to the maze, but you’ll miss out on the excitement of the Skeleton Key rooms. When you’re getting stuffed into a coffin, being threatened by a crazed cowboy, participating in a séance, feeding decapitated heads, and viewing a live puppet show orchestrated by an evil Pinocchio, some time spent waiting in line is in my opinion definitely worth it.



A Comedic Take At Scarlet Johanssen's Character Lucy

A Comedic Take At Scarlet Johanssen’s Character Lucy

Each year Knott’s Scary Farm hosts “The Hanging” where guests can gather and watch talented cast members poke fun of anything, and everything ridiculously popular that year in the search for the biggest db** that deserves hanging. Now, when you walk past the stage you’ll see it covered in snow, so you’ll automatically think you know what the theme will be, but I’m telling you to “Let It Go”, and think of another idea, something that’ll “S.H.E.I.L.D” you’re mind from any other ridiculous ideas. This comedic spoof on pop culture however will leave you in a state of awe as they poke some fun at things not so swag. For example, remember that plane that was shot down? Well they certainly do and believe me it is definitely not too soon to make a joke out of.

The Zombie Apocalypse!

Probably the most exciting thing this year at Knott’s Scary Farm would be their new interactive

The Entrance To Alpha Site

The Entrance To Alpha Site

shooting adventure or nightmare. Taking morbid to a whole new level, light hearted and care free Camp Snoopy becomes a desolate, and chaotic venue as the Zombie Apocalypse takes hold. Put into groups of twelve you are recruited by soldiers to cross the treacherous camp in search for survivors as you make your way from site Alpha to site Bravo, Vice Versa If You Begin From Site B. During the little action adventure scenario you are randomly selected from the group to perform certain actions such as shooting a certain object, connecting wires, or collecting items. Meanwhile, your squad is covering you by shooting at anything that moves, headshots only of course, you are battling flesh-eating zombies after all. At the end of the game you’ll find out who out of the group had a better shot as points are tallied up and put on the big screen for all to see, and whoever had the top score is labeled as the hero for the night. So make sure to check in at Site Alpha or Bravo and get your time slots for duty, you might just be our salvation.

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