DIY Holiday gifts

The Holidays are coming!

Before we know it, Christmas will be approaching quickly and like most students that means scraping together the little cash that is left after paying tuition costs and books. Budgeting ones money for the holidays can be tough especially if you have a big family- not including your chosen family of Bff’and that special someone.  Now more students are turning to DIY ( Do it yourself) gift ideas for the holidays. This great idea of making heartfelt gifts that are under $20 can’t be beat!

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. This website is a one stop shop for the average budget hungry student looking to expand their creative mind , under a decent price that is. ” I love Pinterest!” says, Amanda Juarez, 21 Public Relations major. ” If I don’t know what to get someone, I can go on there and find ideas that will help me come up with something.”

The possibilites of gift ideas are endless from mason jar filled cookie recipes ready to make, to best friend picture frames with only using a hot glue gun, scrabble board game squares and a $2.00 wooden frame found at Michaels craft store. There are gift ideas for all ages and even for the gentlemen in ones life, date night ideas–simply writing date ideas on popsicle sticks and sticking them in a cute mason jar wrapped in a bow.  Heather Helberg, 24, Sociology  major, “DIY gifts are the best. They are sweet and thoughtful and whoever is receiving them will know you spent some time on them.”

Not only  is one making these great unique gifts but also getting the knowledge and experience from creating these ideas and seeing them be made, the satisfaction is great. Having the ability to make something that if bought in the stores costing ones wallet thirty to forty dollars, will only cost ten to twenty dollars! “I have learned to make a bouquet for a 21st birthday.” Juarez says, “I also have made yummy facial scrubs that my friends love.”

Homemade recipes ready to cook are always a great gift to give to anyone, who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? “My mom loves Pinterest, she is always on it.” Kevin Platzer, 25, Kinesiology major, ” She is always baking in the kitchen the recipes she finds, for the holidays she makes baked goodies for all our family.”

The holidays are coming and all the magical cheer that comes with it, last minute shopping can put a damper on things and getting the bill is even worse for struggling students. Don’t let money ruin your holiday cheer, go out and make a DIY gift for that special someone. Spending time on a gift and putting in real effort will  always deliver. Bringing  a smile to a loved ones face and being surrounded with love is what the holidays are about.

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