Cypress College Travel Club

The Cypress College Travel Club is an organization formed to be informative and encouraging to hospitality and tourism students. The Travel Club makes available as much information as possible on the travel and tourism industry. They also promote the programs available to Cypress College students in travel and tourism.

To become a member, you have to be a Cypress College student with at least 3 units a semester maintaining a 2.0 GPA per semester. A $25.00 membership fee is required for membership.

Some of the benefits of joining the Travel Club include getting interesting information about Cypress Colleges study abroad, work abroad, and internships programs. Sean Hwang, who transferred from Cypress College to Cal Poly Pomona’s prestigious hospitality program said, “It’s a good chance for people to get involved with what the school makes available for you…take advantage of these opportunities”

Another Cypress College student, Robyn Thri said, “The Cypress College Aviation and Travel program is one of the best…they take care of their students and open endless possibilities to students at Cypress.”

The advisor that leads the club is Kathleen Reiland and the goals of the club are simple: To travel, make new friends, and learn about other places or cultures. If you are interested in participating in the Travel Club, email Kathleen Reiland at

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