Cypress College LGBT Support Club

The Cypress College Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Support Club is on campus to create a safe environment for LGBT students, faculty, and friends associated with the college.

The LGBT Support Club works to organize awareness events and social events in the community. They strive to give support as well as get support from those that need it. Jackson Andre, a student at Cypress College said, “It’s nice to know there is something like that at school for those that desire it. Makes school not just a place where we learn, but a place where colleagues can gather and support each other.”

Just like most of the other clubs on campus, the LGBT Support Club also participates in Associated Student events. Previously this semester they had a pizza fundraiser, bonfire, and movie night. The LGBT Support Club participated in the Associate Student World Fest as well as Sex Day. Peter Kim, a student participating at World Fest said, “I saw them giving out LGBT Rights pamphlets…I took one and learned so much.”

On Facebook, they keep updated posts about current happenings on campus like blood drives, AS events, and club meetings. LGBT Support Club meetings are every Monday afternoon at 11:30-12:30,

either in the Student Activities Center Conference Room or Humanities Building, Room 114. Check their page for the most updated information.

Photo courtesy of LB Pride Parade

Photo courtesy of LB Pride Parade

Recently, the LGBT Support Club participated in the Long Beach Pride Parade and Run. Club members volunteered, walked in the parade, and made memories at Pride. Over the past years, the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade has become the 3rd largest in the nation. The Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival & Parade was created to increase awareness, promote pride, and self worth in such communities.

The Cypress College LGBT Support Club is very active on campus so look out for them in the future if interested. Find more information on Facebook or email

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