Cypress College Academic Senate Agenda for November 13, 2014

This Academic Senate will start off right where it left off last time, with the discussion of students having to be in the line of sight of an instructor while in student spaces. Students in Journalism, Associated Students, and Set Building have all experinced issues with this line of sight rule. Personally, Journalism has had its hours cut back drastically due do an instructor not allways being able to be present. A solution to this problem will be discussed at the very beggining of this meeting, hopefully helping the students so that they can use their own personal spaces.


I. Establish Quorum and Acknowledge Alternates

II. Adoption of the Agenda

III. Approval of Minutes from October 23, 2014

IV. Public Commentary

V. Special Reports
A. Associated Students: Frida Lugo
B. United Faculty Randa: Wahbe
C. Staff Development: Peggy Austin
D. Curriculum Committee: Mark Majarian
E. Academic Senate Treasurer’s Report: Laurie Morvan
F. Cypress College Foundation: Lynn Mitts
G. Basic Skills Committee: Cherie Dickey
H. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment: Sarah Jones
I. Program Review and Department Planning: Kathleen Reiland
J. District Council on Budget and Facilities: Jolena Grande

VI. President’s Report and Committee Appointments
The Senate will need to appoint a representative to the following committees:
1. Campus Diversity Committee
2. District Instructional Effectiveness Coordinating Committee.

VII. Faculty Issues – Unfinished Business
A. Cypress Newsroom Hours/Site Line Issues (20 min.) Bryan Seiling: The Senate will resume its discussion of the recent restrictions placed on the hours of the newsroom. The focus will be on the Line of Site issue that is a concern for other departments as well. Dr. Robert Simpson and Karen Kant have been invited to answers questions and help explain the Line of Site policy.
B. Distance Education Coordinator Position (15 min.) Jolena Grande: The Senate will discuss the vacant Distance Education Coordinator position. Thecreation of a committee to assist in the process will be explored.
C. Standards for District/State Mandates (10 min.) Craig Goralski: There will be a preliminary discussion of the process and standards by which the Senate receives mandates from the state, District, and administration. It is hoped this will be part of a larger discussion helping to clarify processes within committees and across the campus.
D. UF Support of Board Policy 3505 (10 min.) Bryan Seiling: UF is working on a new Board Policy and Administrative Procedure related to faculty safety. This has already been discussed and approved by UF and the Fullerton College Senate. UF will be asking the Cypress College Senate to support the new Board Policy.
E. Committee to Revise By-Laws Update (10 min.) Bryan Seiling: The Committee to Revise the By-Laws will be giving an update and asking for direction in how the Senate would like to handle the changes. To facilitate debate and more effectively use the Senate’s time, a proposal to handle them in segments will be made
F. Senate Website Update (5 min.) Bryan Seiling: An update on the Senate website will be given with particular focus on the posting of the Senate agenda and minutes. The Senate will be asked for suggestions on how to streamline that process and to revise the call for agenda items and the writing of the minutes.
G. Report on Special Program Review: Court-Reporting (5 min.) Gary Zager: A report will be made regarding the agreement reached in Special Program Review for the Court Reporting Program.

VIII. Faculty Issues – New Business
A. Fall Plenary Session – Funding and Resolutions (5 min.) Jolena Grande: The Senate will be asked to authorize funding for the Fall Plenary Session. There will also be a discussion of the Fall Resolutions.

IX. Adjournmeent

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