Cychron @ CES: Sharp Unveils New Aquos TVs

Sharp has unveiled their new line of  AQUOS  televisions here at CES 2014 and it consists of four series: The flagship AQUOS 4K series; AQUOS Q+; AQUOS Quattron (Q); and AQUOS HD.

CEO Toshi Osawa took the red-ladened stage to speak about Sharp’s 2104 outlook and prospects. Osawa proclaimed Sharp has experienced great worldwide growth by having a 55% market share in televisions over 16 inches in size. Osawa also revealed that Sharp now has more displays, 16 inch or larger, in more houses than any other manufacturer in the last 3 years.

Sharp CEO Toshi Osawa addresses the media

Sharp CEO Toshi Osawa addresses the media

After a brief video showing beach-going people talking about what they wanted in a TV, John Herrington, President, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America came to the stage to talk about the new line of TVs. “Bigger is better”, said Herrington. With that statement, he proceeded to reveal that every new Sharp television would be available in sizes over 60 inches. Herrington then unveiled the 2014 lineup, highlighting each with their unique features.

The flagship of the bunch, the Sharp AQUOS 4K Ultra HD Series features a stunning 2160p display, uses AquoMotion 240 with a 120Hz Panel, HDMI 2.0 inputs, is THX 4K Certified and has a Duo Bass Sub-Woofer with 35W Audio. The Sharp AQUOS Quattron (Q) EQ Series features a 1080p display with Quattron Technology  and  a 240Hz Panel, while the Sharp AQUOS HD Series has a similar 1080p display with a 120Hz panel.

Even though it’s siblings have impressive stats, the emerging star of the bunch has to be the Sharp AQUOS Quattron+ (Q+). This unit is the highest resolution Full HD TV available today. Q+ televisions feature Sharp’s Quattron panel and Revelation technology, which divides each pixel, creating two pixels from one, to deliver 16 million subpixels. That’s an impressive 10 million more than conventional Full HDTVs. Q+ TVs have built-in upscaling, so everything you watch is sharper and more vivid. Q+ TVs are also future-ready — they are the only Full HD TVs that can play 4K content, delivering a UHD experience.

John Herrington, President, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America

John Herrington, President, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America

Since Q+ TVs are built using a 1080p panel, they can be priced at almost half today’s premium 4K TVs. The Q+ series will be available in 60”, 70”, and 80” class diagonal screen sizes and in two versions: the UQ and SQ lines. The UQ line will boast premium features such as, AquoMotion 960, Super Bright™, premium design, 3D with 2 pairs of glasses, powerful 35W audio, and Bluetooth.

We will be doing a more in-depth look at Sharp’s new TVs in the coming days here in Las Vegas at the 2014 CES, so be sure to keep checking for more coverage.

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