College Students: Finals Advice


Scantron test

Scantron test

The end of the semester has arrived which means one thing: finals.

Finals are stressful for everyone. There are several tips online that students can find to help them with the stress of finals.

The first thing to do when studying for finals is create a study guide. However, some professors do give out study guides to help study. If the professor does not give one out, making one is an option.  “Study guides are the only way I can study for a test because it helps organize the information better.” said Ashley Castro, 21, Sociology major.

“Group study sessions have helped me the most when it comes to taking test.” said Julia Chavez, 19, Communications major. Group study sessions can be held here on campus in the library. Study groups also help because if a student is stuck on a concept, they can ask another student to explain it to them.

Another tip is to sleep and not cram before the exam. Studies done by the University California team have shown that if a person crams for an exam instead of sleep, they will struggle focusing the next day. “If I get a good nights rest before an exam, instead of cramming, I feel much calmer going in,” said Anne Marie Sullivan, 22, Communications Disorder major.

Sullivan also a warm bath helps ease her nerves for the exam. Although, taking a bath will not help the student, it can release toxins from the body that will make a student more relaxed.

The last tip for taking finals would be to meet with the professor if the concepts are still hard to understand. Professors know the material better than anyone else and can help out the student the most.

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