Church at school? No, it’s Christian Club.


Cypress College Christian Club begins with worship.

Cypress College Christian Club aims to “shine as luminaries,” acting as mirrors to reflect and share the word of God. Christian Club is welcome to all those who want to learn more about God. Club members spent one hour on Thursday afternoon to worship, reflect, and love the word of God.

Last Thursday, Cypress College Christian Club began their worship at 1 p.m., where about 30 students came together and began singing songs of joy in Humanities Room 123, happily singing songs such as “I Am Crucified With Christ.” After each song students would say “Amen” and “Lord Jesus.”

The students sang the two songs more then once and continued to be enthusiastic after each song concluded.

Upon entering the classroom, there are handouts on table that had passages from the Bible on it. It was neatly organized for students to easily understand. The top of the page read, “Philippians Review Weeks 1 to 5.” Underneath were verses from the Book of Philippians and other parts of the Bible in a outlined format, each showing a different lesson to be told and other verses that were similar to the main verse. The meeting was similar to a bible studies found at any church.

After worship the students took part in a Bible discussion, students would stand up and share their thoughts on that weeks reading like “The Word is very powerful and when He created the world, He spoke.” The students are passionate about their studies. Some students also nodded in agreement to the responses of others. Others shared some verses that were not located on the handout. All the students who spoke are very knowledgeable in the word of the Lord.

Christian Club is a great way for students to gain knowledge about the Bible outside of church. The students are very friendly and open to anyone new. The meeting followed a very basic structure, Worship then a reflection and interpretation, then they ended with a review.

According to their blog, Cypress Campus Christians, they held their first meeting on August 26, this Fall 2013 semester. They also held “Gospel Table” from Aug. 26 to the 29 outside the A.S. Building.

No exclusive interviews were held with the students due to complications in schedule.

Christian Club has a diverse group of students and were all there to learn and share the Word of God. They do not only meet at school but meet up for picnics as well. They will be having a Christian Club Picnic at El Dorado Park to be announced soon. Students that want to learn more about the word of God, praise God, or hang out with students that share similar beliefs can come to any Christian Club Meeting.

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