• Tools of the Trade

    Ceramicist and veteran Ehren Tool exhibits his creative art style with the students of Cypress College at art exhibition and workshop.

  • TIFF 2018 Showcases Serious Award Season Competition

    From Sept. 6 – Sept. 16, 2018, Toronto International Film Festival showcased a selection films at the biggest film festival of fall in Toronto, Canada....

  • As Long As We Keep Spinning: a Suspiria Review

    Luca Guadagnino's childhood obsession becomes a reality.

  • Criterion Channel Announces New Curated Service

    On Nov. 16 2018, Fillmstruck announced via Twitter that it’s partner, Criterion Channel, is now offering their own Charter Subscriptions for their new curated streaming...

  • Horror on LSD- A “Mandy” Review

    Since his directorial and screenplay debut in 2010 entitled Beyond the Black Rainbow, Italian-Canadian director Panos Cosmatos had a limited released of his new project, Mandy, on...

  • The Death of Filmstuck

    Moviegoers were shocked to see Filmstruck, the streaming services sometimes referred to as the Netflix for cinephiles, announce it’s departure on Oct. 29, 2018 via...

  • Immersion through Nostalgia: Mid90s Review

    Jonah Hill's introduction into film making as a first time director has allowed him to showcase a compelling and thought provoking coming of age tale....

  • Is Fear Real Power?

    Bob Woodward's disconcerting new bestseller "Fear" puts the current administration's tactics in perspective.

  • September Movie Re-releases

    A variety of films are having re-releases in these select theaters this September!

  • Album Review- “Negro Swan” by Blood Orange

    Over the summer of 2018, Devonte Hynes, the English born, leading composer, cellist, pianist, and artist behind the musical group Blood Orange, released two tracks...