• Adaption of “The American Clock”

    Cypress College theater students explore the fear and fight of American people during The Great Depression with the theme of vaudeville and the ticking clock...

  • Walking Through an Artist’s Struggle

    The Cypress College Photography Gallery is presenting an exhibit of solo artwork by four artists which highlights their personal struggles in today's society. The photography...

  • IT Chapter 2 Review

    Director Andy Muschietti and Bill Skarsgard bring the malicious clown Pennywise back once again to terrorize the citizens of Derry, Maine and finally take out...

  • Pond, Sweet, Pond

    Illustration by Danielle Gray Find her on Instagram at @mrs_danie_g!

  • Beauty Born From Chaos

    Ben Chung's art display, "See You in Wonderland," gives Cypress College a different look on mental illness and suicide awareness.

  • 12 Angry Jurors: A Review

    An inner-city teen’s life depends on twelve strangers unanimous decision to find him not guilty or guilty of murder- such is the story of “12...

  • Gaming Without Boundaries

    Google has unveiled their latest project entitled Stadia, which aims to stream high end video games across various platforms. Unveiled on March 19, technology powerhouse...

  • Erin Gruwell Presents New Documentary to Cypress College Students

    American teacher and founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation, Eric Gruwell visits Cypress College and presents her new documentary, Freedom Writers: Stories from the Heart.

  • Trajectories: An Exploration of Multiplicity

    The Trajectories Art Gallery held its opening reception at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7 in the art gallery. The gallery opened with a brief...

  • Tools of the Trade

    Ceramicist and veteran Ehren Tool exhibits his creative art style with the students of Cypress College at art exhibition and workshop.