Belmont Stroll and Savor

Stroll and Savor kicked off summer in Long Beach’s Belmont Shore.

Tickets were sold at various locations on 2nd Street and are available for pre-sale one week before the event or the day of the event.

Stroll and Savor is one of Belmont Shores most popular events that is held twice a month throughout the summer. “Taste of Belmont Shore” consists of over 40 restaurants that offer popular items off their menu’s as a way for locals to taste what Belmont has to offer.

Stroll and Savor is always held starting in the month of May to kick off the beginning of summer and ending in August to end the summer festivities. Stroll and Savor is  held on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., or until the food and drinks run out.

Allison Clark, a 24 Belmont Resident and hostess at Pho Nom said, “I don’t live in Long Beach, but I always look forward to it’s stroll and savor every month. I wish my city of Cypress has these types of things. But it’s nice to stroll around by the beach and enjoy restaurants that I have been too scared to try. Baby steps.”

Belmont Shore’s 2nd street is one of the most popular streets in Long Beach, drawing locals and those not-so-local, to stroll and savor, listening to the local live band, shop local boutiques and taste small bites from restaurants they might have yet to try.

Sophia Levia,19, communications, said, “Even though I don’t live very close, I make an effort to go to Belmont’s Stroll and Savor every year. I love trying new food from restaurants I have never tried before.”

Even dogs are welcomed at Stroll and Savor, with local dog businesses handing out dog treats for tickets. The resident cupcake store called Frosted passed out vegan, dog friendly cupcakes that had a line of dogs with their owners wrapped around the block.

Every restaurant had something different, from Phuket Thai’s pad Thai and fresh egg rolls, Roe’s Ahi Poke Bowls and Ceviche served with fresh tortilla chips, and Sweet Jill’s popular cinnamon rolls in both original and with nuts.

Rachel Cook, Long Beach resident and and server at At Last Cafe in Long B said, “You can definitely tell which restaurants are the most popular, Sweet Jill’s and George’s Greek Cafe always have a line wrapped around the block.”

Tickets for this event were sold at many of the local businesses, 12 tickets for $10. Megan Olivera, a 24-year old Belmont shore local said, “Belmont Shore is such a small community;  it’s nice to stroll around the neighborhood getting a taste at the local cuisines.”

People were seen buying one packet of tickets thinking that they would be enough, but many people were coming back for more.

Stroll and Savor not only brings the locals out to play, but also gives those who are from out of town a chance to feel like they are a part of Belmont Shore.

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