Belmont Shore Scavenger Hunt

Belmont Shore hosted a one  month long scavenger hunt that lasted throughout April.

Long Beach’s most popular area, 2nd street, hosted a one month long event throughout April for Belmont Shore and Naples Island  residents and local businesses.

A Free scavenger hunt throughout both Belmont shore and Naples island where locals solved clues about different business’s, and when they figured out the right clues, they were given stickers to collect and redeem for prizes at the end of the month.

Tracey Kingman, Long Beach resident and stay at home mom said, “The Belmont scavenger hunt gave my friends and I the chance to compete with one another, seeing who could get the most clues. It was nice to have a backup plan for my husband and my kids when we didn’t have any other plans. If there wasn’t a movie out, we would go grab a slice of pizza and then try and find some clues around Belmont Shore and Naples Island.”

Prizes at the end of the month included at $250 cash grand prize, and a couple of gift cards for local businesses.

Andrea Harp, local business owner, said, “It was fun to have people come throughout the shop on the weekends looking for clues. It was definitely entertaining and fun to watch.”

Many of the clues included simple fun facts that many locals could match to the businesses. Clues that were given were items such as word puzzles, maps, quotes and even color schemes of interesting buildings.

Arthur Flores, 22, graphic design major, said, “I like the idea of scavenger hunts throughout a city, it kind of reminds me of The Amazing Race.”

Belmont Shore and Naples island have given locals a chance to compete with one another to in a game of  “Who knows Long Beach Best,”  with the best winning the prize.

Allison Gomez, 39, a bank teller at Bank of America said, “It was fun to have a scavenger hunt that lasted for a month, it was like finding clues one day and taking them to local business’s the next to redeem gift cards. I was able to get a ten dollar gift card from Jamba Juice just for guessing the right color of the building.”

Participating businesses also included Naples Fitness which is  a good place to build your fitness with a friendly atmosphere; they even provide nutritional guidance to their clients and to those who go into the business with a scavenger hunt card.

April 31 was the last day of the scavenger hunt, and an announcement was sent out to residents via Facebook and told to turn in their game forms to Polly’s Gourmet Coffee before they closed at 8 p.m. It takes just 10 stickers to be entered into a prize drawing.

The Grand prize drawing took place May 1st at 10 a.m. at The Studio O, and the winner was then announced on their Facebook and Twitter. This event had never been done before, but residents are looking forward to another one next year.





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