Anaheim Cinco De Mayo Festival

The annual Cinco De Mayo festival was a three-day event this past weekend in Anaheim. With vendors coming from all over southern California, the amount of food options available rivaled the number of mexican restaurants in Orange County. Check out the booths we saw, the games we played, and of course the food we ate.

Photo May 04, 10 56 36 AM

The last few moments before the fair games open and prizes start being won.

Photo May 04, 10 53 02 AM

One of the most popular children rides at the Cinco De Mayo Festival held in Anaheim.

Photo May 04, 10 33 47 AM

Tortas, a Mexican sandwich consisting of carne asada, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Photo May 04, 10 52 36 AM

What is a fair without a carousel?

Photo May 04, 10 36 15 AM

If you wanted to take a break from tortas, pupusas, and handmade tortillas, fresh fruit was available. Probably the best vegetarian option available at the Cinco De Mayo fair.

Photo May 04, 10 02 04 AM

Solo Records provided the music and entertainment for the 3-day weekend event.

Photo May 04, 10 30 31 AM

Pupusas were a big hit at the fair. Traditionally, pupusas are made of homemade cornmeal dough and filled with cheese, pork, and beans.


Photo May 04, 10 01 34 AM

A variety of Mexican drinks were offered: watermelon, strawberry, lemonade, tamarindo, and horchatta.

Photo May 04, 10 56 32 AM

This candy factory would soon be flooded with kids as the festival begins.

Photo May 04, 10 57 30 AM

Numerous prizes could be won by playing the carnival games.

Photo May 04, 12 58 48 PM

Abodalbo, roasted marinated pork, is a Mexican classic.

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