What’s This Stamp for Anyway

Deal drugs, assault your classmates, deface a student government-approved poster on a bulletin board: It’s all the same under the education code.

“Persons defacing approved publicity on campus are subject to the rules and regulations of the California education code section 76033”.  In other words, student putting a mustache on a flier that has a student government stamp of approval on it is breaking the law. California Education Code section 76033 is the same code that is applied to disruptive behavior, controlled substances, assault and battery, and misconduct that results in injury or death to another student.

But wait, there’s more. If a flier for a discounted textbook, for example, “Rock and Roll: Its History and Stylistic Development”—6th edition—is not approved, the flier may be removed immediately, by anyone. That’s right. Having approval means your flier is protected under the education code.

If the posting does not meet guidelines a warning will be issued. If it is not removed, a $500 fine can be leveled at the person who posted the flier without seeking approval first. Many students are unaware that a stamp is required for posting their flier for their textbooks .

Deven Gelindo, student laughed and asked, “Are you joking?” He said he did not know that there was one.

Micheal Lesniak was selling his graphing calculator. He said that he did not know about the school policy. “The majority of the school probably doesn’t know about the policy, either,” he said.

So how do one gets a flier approved?

That is simple. One just has to get it stamped by Becky Rojas at the front desk of the Student Activities Center. Better  yet, the required bit of ink is free. Rojas said “I am trying to get permanent signs that let people know that approval is needed to post their fliers.” 

But, right now, she said, “The only way to find out about the stamp is to stumble into someone that already knows.” Rojas also said that the boards are cleared once a month and at that time any postings without the official seal will be removed, as well as those past their stamp expiration date.

As a reminder, she said, “Push pins are preferred over staples.” When posting anywhere other than the bulletin boards, zip ties and blue tape and other non-sticky stuff can be used.

If one is against stamps of approval, there is one message board where anyone can post without fear. It is located just outside the humanities building between the two lectures halls. This board is cleared off at the middle and end of each month. Though no stamp is needed, posting still must meet the Cypress College guidelines.

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