Why Suffer in Silence? The Math Learning Center is Here to Help.

School started and the same scenario is happening, I am sitting in math, the instructor is speaking and I don’t understand ANYTHING he is saying. My head starts hurting and I feel completely overwhelmed. I stop worrying because I know the tutors at the Math Learning Center will help me.

Learning math can be stressful, and each student who is struggling in math should use the resources provided at Cypress College. The Math Learning Center is a place for students to go and get the extra help they need outside of class. The Center has tables set up for different math levels, and students can meet others who are in their math level and form study groups.

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“This is a good resource for students, the tutors can explain a concept, reinforces ideas and they can also clarify any questions. There are computers, math books, staplers and pencils available for students,” said Christina Plavdjian, tutor, Math Learning Center.

It is easy to fall behind in math when the concept is not understood, and to feel embarrassed about asking questions in a room full of students who look like they know what they are doing.

“It is best to find the help needed at the Math Learning Center before the situation is dire. Students set their own pace and the tutors are very qualified,”  says Amy Ward, MLC Coordinator.

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The center offers one on one private tutoring to all Cypress College students twice a week for a half an hour or one hour for EOPS and DSPS students. They can either make an appointment in person at the Learning Resource Center, or call (714) 484-7183.

“It is very important to go to math tutoring it’s included in our tuition and we should take advantage of all the services offered,” said Jessica Hurtado, registered nursing major.

The Math Learning Center also provides interactive workshops on different mathematical topics used in the math courses. This is beneficial to students because it helps reinforce the concepts learned in their class. There is a schedule and a sign-up sheet for the various workshops offered in the MLC.

“I encourage my students to use all of the resources available at the Math Learning Center,” said Professor Wan, Math 120 and MLC workshop instructor.

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The Math Learning Center is located on the first floor in the library at Cypress College; it is open Monday through Friday. The Math Learning Center hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. and on Friday it is open from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

As students we need to be vigilant with our education and we need to seize all the opportunities available to us. The Math Learning Center is a place where we can work hard, study and feel confident when walking into our math classes.

Our goals are the same. We need math to obtain an associate’s degree or for transfer to a university, and the Math Learning Center has well qualified tutors who want to help.

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