How to stay on track during the COVID-19 pandemic

Online classes are no different from traditional classroom settings, it may be harder for students who prefer the assistance of an instructor.

There are many reasons as to why online education could become difficult for some, the lack of motivation, distractions, and many others to name a few.

Here are 6 tips that could help you successfully pass your digital class:

Time management

The freedom of online classes can be detrimental if you lack time management skills because this could lead to a rushed performance on projects or assignments.

Time management is an essential skill to develop and the key to many things including online education.

Creating a schedule based on your courses including due date, quizzes and tests that are listed on your course syllabus could help you visualize and prepare for future assignments, research papers and projects ahead of time.

Hold yourself accountable

In a traditional classroom reminders of due dates and course events are often discussed, and in a digital class it is up to you to fight the urge of procrastination and ensure that you’ve delegated enough time to complete your assignments.

Set and regularly check in with yourself if you have met all your goals throughout the week. If you find this difficult, find a friend in your class and keep each other updated throughout the course or enlist a family member to be your accountability partner and have them check in with you.

Eliminate distractions

Online classes provide you education in the comfort of your own home, however learning (in general) requires complete focus and no distractions.

Don’t worry that text will still be there, that new Netflix original film will still be there, minimize your phone usage during your allotted time for your class and study time, consider turning off your phone or placing it in a relatively hard to reach area so you don’t get distracted by notifications.

Have a designated study space and keep it organized

Many times the source of all distraction is within the space where you’re studying, simply searching your house that you can claim as your own study space could help you succeed in your course.

By creating a designated and organized space it separates work and home and may boost your productivity and workflow.

Actively participate

Engage in your group discussion board this can help you have a better understanding of the course material. This can be done by commenting on your classmates, asking questions, or reading along what your instructor or classmates are reading during the session. Checking in online discussions could also help you actively participate and engage with your classmates.

Find a friend

Online classes can make you feel all alone as if you’re teaching yourself, but this is further than the truth.

Build relationships with your classmates during your breakout groups and class discussions, your peers can tremendously help when it comes to any of your school work.

Most online courses are built to create engagement with both professors and students so don’t be afraid to reach out, odds are your fellow classmates will appreciate it as much as you do.

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