Scantrons on the Go!

Scantrons on the go! Take a stop by the scantron vending machine next time you are on the go and in need of scholarly material in a hurry.

“I have come to school faithfully all semester and not once have I heard about this vending machine,” said Keith Lemos, 20, undeclared.

Lemos said that the machine is efficient and lies right next to the snack vending machine right outside of the Fine Arts building. The machine has scantrons, blue books, flashcards, pens and pencils. He believes that this vending machine has finally closed that gap between the books store and the humanities building.

“I use this machine all the time!” said Cypress College student Vince Ramirez, age 20, undeclared. Ramirez also said the machine is helpful due to much of his classes being in the humanities building. This machine closes the gap between the walk to the book store which is across the campus from the humanities building.

“I am usually pretty prepared with my scantron and pencil needs, but it is always nice to know that I have an option that is so close to my building.” said Itzel Marquez , 25, business. Marquez also said keeping your self well informed about the campus can benefit you in the best of ways.

According to Marquez, it is important to be prepared. Marquez is now glad that that the machine is available and said that using it in the future will be more than likely.

 Even the idea of the machine to past students still sounds efficient.  Student Andrea Rodriguez, 24, majored in accounting and alumni of Cypress College said, “I sure wish they had this when I was at Cypress sounds like a very helpful machine.”

Students are taking interest in this new machine and think it is shows to be a big help on campus, especially when in a hurry.

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