Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Valentine’s Day… Have We Found The True Meaning Of You?


Valentine’s day is a day we either dread because it can mean another year of just you in your room with your furry, scaly or even feathery friend with snacks while you both watch a movie that can build up hopeless romanticism, or you’re someone who dreads going into the store to purchase one of those giant teddy bears because of judgmental looks people might give you.

It’s nice to know that there’s a whole day dedicated to a person who expresses affection. To me, Valentine’s Day is like any other holiday aside from spending money on overpriced merchandise, it is a time to express yourself and to those who deserve it.

This generation of millenials tends to forget the fads of the past and start a new trend of romanticism which could come off as confusing. This is a time where others try to figure out where their physical and emotional relationships can lead to. After all, romantic gestures may be big or small.

In fact, every Valentine’s day my dad carefully hand picks my rose garden and small little flowers to give to my mom. I see it as one of the most wholesome acts my father does for my mother on a yearly basis. Even though he takes flowers away from my garden, it’s sweet, comedic, and shows the dynamic between my parents and the type of romance many of us want.

Valentine’s Day can be defined through a song such as “La Vie En Rose,” or “Life in Pink” by Louis Armstrong. This song tells us to live life in love, in bliss, and in joy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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