Raising Kittens

Though Cypress is a community college, many Cypress students do not come from neighboring cities like Cypress, Buena Park, and Anaheim; in fact, a significant amount of students originate from Long Beach, Downy, Fullerton, or Irvine, or even cities further away. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Cypress College’s mortuary, nursing, and auto programs attract students from all around the country.

A consequence of this is that some Cypress students are understandably homesick. And to alleviate these feelings of homesickness and loneliness, some students turn to raising new pets. This can raises problems in that, many of these students do not know how, or do not have the proper means of, raising these pets.

Raising kittens, for example, is a laborious and often expensive endeavor. One will need to spend money on food, bedding, veterinary care, brushes, shampoo, and medicine for example.

“For the busy college student, cats are the best fit. Cats are loving but independent. They don’t need you around all the time to look after them,” said Franny Zo, Zoology major at Cerritos College.

All that said, raising a kitten can be an incredible, enriching experience.

So here are a few things to consider after adopting your new kitten.

Make sure to have soft bedding. Kittens need to feel comfortable and safe. Remember that cats can sleep up to 18 hours a day!

Have a good assortment of toys ready. Kittens are curious and prolific explorers( when they’re not dozing off, that is). Having a few toys will help keep your kitten entertained and not cutting at the carpet.

Don’t forget the litter box! It should be filed one to one and a half inches with natural clay or clumping litter. Keep the litter box in a quiet, easily accessible place.

Schedule an appointment with a local veterinarian. You want to make sure your new kitten gets the care it needs to live a long, pleasant life.

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