Parking Head In Only?

What are the real reasons why pulling “head in only” is mandatory at Cypress College?

James Fuller, 19, has been parking cadet for almost a year now. Fuller explained that “head in only” is not only a campus rule, but also a California State Law.

“The last four out of five accidents that occurred at Cypress College were due to students not obeying the parking in head in only rule,” said Fuller.

Fuller said that the parking lot is set up with one-way traffic each lane you go down. He also said that when someone parks in the opposite direction, it allows a blind spot to occur which makes pulling out into traffic unsafe.

“The head in only rule is simply to make the parking safety’s job easier,” said P.K., a 29 year old alumnus of Cypress College. P.K. thinks it just makes more sense for all the cars to face one direction and checking for parking passes will go by a lot quicker with such a large area to cover.

“I enjoy backing in my truck when I can it allows a quick and easy escape from the school grounds.” said Steven Loureiro, 22, major undeclared. Some students find that backing in to a park saves time when wanting to leave. After a long day at school reversing the car can be an exhausting burden as silly as it sounds.

Some people simply believe that there need to be rules on the road. Whether they make sense or not, order is needed in a chaotic parking lot with a large number of students rushing in an attempt to be on time for various classes.

“I like it!” said Scarlett Miramontes, 20, major undeclared. Although she may not know the reason behind the parking rule, she says “Without rules there would be chaos.”

With Fuller’s experienced training, he knows that out of all the methods of pulling out of your space “head in only” is a safer process with one way traffic.

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