O.C. Fair, Not This Year!

Photo by: Meisha Mccartney

Orange County’s Board of Directors meeting was held on Monday April 27 announcing their vote to cancel the 2020 OC Fair due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Southern California residents join in on one of Orange County’s best tip off of summer celebrations held in the city of Costa Mesa, a 23-day event, a spectacle to the masses, featuring live bands, animals, carnival rides, and much more.

Part-time seasonal employees will be out of a job as well as food and shopping vendors, exhibitors, and hundreds more.

“The OC Fair, with a spending budget of more than $50 million for 2020, was anticipating nearly $40 million from fair revenue,” according to this year’s budget.

“Asked Monday about any estimates on losses resulting from the cancelation, and what the fair’s fiscal stability plan could look like as a consequence, OC Fair Communications Director Terry Moore said staff were still working on answers,” based on a report by Brandon Pho.

Not only is Orange County being affected by this but according to the voice of oc.org, “ County fairs that have opted to cancel this year include San Diego County’s at the neighboring Del Mar Fairgrounds, Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area, and most recently Sacramento County’s at CalExpo.”

“This is a very very difficult decision to make,” Fair Board Chair Sandra Cervantes said on Monday, “and I know that we will be back on track in 2021 as long as large gatherings are permitted at the time.”

Information can be found at ocfair.com/updates/refunds under the heading Ticketed Performances if you are looking for refunds on tickets or have any further questions.

In the meantime, funnel cakes, fun houses, and greasy fair foods will just have to wait.

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