The New Lively Arts Club


Lively Arts Club There’s a new club on campus. And lets not just disregard it as any other club.

The Lively Arts Club started as a club to support the arts on campus. In our daily lives we focus very little time on art and expression, that is what this club is here for. Many people don’t take into consideration how powerful a picture can be or how much thought can be put into a song. Behind all this artistic value we have around us there is meaning within a certain picture or painting.

Marissa Holland, Vice President of the club stated, “Our purpose is to expose our students to the arts on campus.”

Many people are unaware of their own artistic skills that they hold. This club gives students more awareness about the arts and to also support the arts that we have on campus. There are always various types of artwork posted in the first floor of the fine arts building. We as students will often not look at this artwork. In reality, there is value behind what a painting or photograph has to offer. Even if it is just a couple spots with different colors and textures, or a photograph with a tree. The expression of art itself exemplifies someones personality, traits, and who they are as a person.

To some arts may be a hobby, but to others art is life. People are quick to judge that art really means nothing in this world, but it plays a big role in our lives. Music, paintings, and photographs all give a reflection of one’s life. The Lively Arts Club gives you the opportunity to come and talk about the deeper meaning in art and how powerful it really is.

The arts are overlooked by many people when coming into college. Most people are likely to major in Business or Health Care, but Art is always looked down upon by some people.

As I spoke with Barbara Meyers, the advisor for the club she said, “I think they are many students on campus that have a heart for the arts and career in something else.”

Coming into college people are always worried about what kind of major will get them a job with the highest-paying salary. The Lively Arts Club gives students the opportunity to come and discuss about anything with regards to arts. Whether you have interest in photography, painting, drawing, or music this is the club you want to be in. The Arts will never go away. The beauty behind creative thinking and applying it into a drawing, music piece, or painting has a significance that an artist’s audience won’t usually notice. If you are a person interested in finding your inner self within the arts, the Lively Arts Club has a place for you.

Future plans for the club include trips to various museums and other college events. For anyone interested in joining the club there are meetings held every first and third Tuesday of the month located in the Fine Arts Building Room 313 from 4 to 5 P.M.



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