New $350 Thousand Marquee Greets Cypress Students

A new two-sided marquee replaces our nearly 10-year-old marquee at the Valley View main entrance of Cypress College. The new marquee aims to show its higher quality, colored content for both directions of traffic on Valley View. The upgraded software and marquee is sought to provide better communication to students and the community about events and programs available at Cypress College.

Jonas Kabiling, a student at Cypress College said, “It’s seems like a waste of money. The old one was fine.”

The old 4-by-10 ½ ft. marquee was “value engineered” to stay within the available budget in 2006. The new 6-by-17 ft. marquee is estimated in the amount of $122,500 plus sales tax, purchased from Daktronics, Inc. for Cypress College.

The Board of Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District met in October to discuss the changes made to the main entrance marquee. They looked to reduce the total cost of the marquee, its installation, and a consideration of postponement. Under item 3g. of Finances & Facilities of the meeting, “It was moved by Trustee Leonard Lahtinen and seconded by Trustee Michael Matsuda that the Board grant authorization to award bid #2014-20, Cypress College New Main Entry Digital Sign Structure, to Incotechnic, Inc., as the lowest overall responsive and responsible bidder in the amount of $350,000.”

Future Cypress College student and present Kennedy High School student, Branden Chew said, “It looks good! I can look for important messages and important dates on there.”

The new marquee is eventually going to complete Cypress College’s Gateway Plaza. A pedestrian walkway will run from the student center to the bus stop, just north of the stoplight, and re-configure the entry to develop better vehicle and foot traffic safety. The new marquee is up and running with fresh grass and plants surrounding it.

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