Men’s and Women’s Soccer Steamrolling Competition


Under the guidance of head coach Cristian Rus who spearheads the men’s program, the Cypress Chargers have won seven of their first nine games. Without a single mark in the loss column, the only blemish on their record are the two ties they endured on their home field. The first tie was to Palomar last month and another to Orange Coast last week.

The Chargers have scored 18 goals in these nine games which, according to Rus, is a testament to the players “buying in” to the program and what the coaching staff has been implementing. A newfound philosophy that could lead to the Chargers competing in the playoffs later this year.

“I think they’re adjusting well and buying into what we’re trying to do here; our culture of being professional and changing the culture here at Cypress,” Rus said. “This program hasn’t been in the playoffs in years, so it starts with them.”

Of the seven sophomores currently on the roster, only one is returning from last season. The Chargers are also housing 20 freshmen on their team — an example of how young they truly are. With young players comes the amplified importance of a coaching staff who can accommodate them and get them competing at the highest level.

“Obviously, our coaching staff has been on the same page,” explains Rus. “Just them showing up to practice every day, being very coachable and doing the things we asked them to do … We have some talent on our team, so that helps too.”

The women’s team is virtually the polar opposite in terms of their veteran savvy. It’s a roster that sports a plethora of returning sophomores along with a few freshmen additions.

“They have to have good chemistry to be successful,” said women’s head coach Erick Hurtarte. “This team seems to have good chemistry on and off the field.”

In a similar fashion to the men, the women are without a single loss. However, they do have one tie on the charts against Saddleback. They’ve played eight games — one fewer than the men’s team — but have 19 goals as opposed to the aforementioned 18.

As the athletes have yet to reach their pinnacle, they believe that their best play is well in front of them. Fortunately, they have the leadership of the sophomores on the team that can help take the reins and uplift the rest of the roster.

“There’s a long stretch of games now, and this is where our freshmen are going to be tested mentally because they’ve never been in that situation,” Hurtarte said, referencing the 12 remaining games on the team’s schedule — five of which will be on the road. It’s favorable but may very well require every last bit of effort this squad can muster.

“We rely on our sophomores to lead”, hopeful Hurtarte states. “If our sophomores rise, it could really be a special season.”


Tuesday 10/8, 3:00 PM @ Santiago Canyon

Friday 10/11, 3:00 PM vs. Santa Ana

Tuesday 10/15, 3:00 PM vs. Golden West

Friday 10/18, 3:00 PM @ Fullerton


Tuesday 10/8, 3:00 PM vs. Santiago Canyon

Tuesday 10/11, 3:00 PM @ Santa Ana

Tuesday 10/15, 3:00 PM @ Golden West

Friday 10/18, 3:00 PM vs. Fullerton

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