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Over the past three years, the number of hate crimes at Cypress College has remained at zero according to the crime reports. According to the Campus Safety Officials, they have taken precautions to keep students safe when they step foot on campus by assisting in criminal and traffic investigations, safety escorts, reporting of safety hazards, and providing assistance to other law enforcement agencies.

The crime rates reported of various misconduct acts have also increased within dating violence from 0 reported in 2016 to 2 reported in 2018. However, stalking has decreased from 5 reported in 2016 to 1 reported in 2018 according to the “Annual Safety and Security Report” the Cypress College Campus Safety Department released on Thursday, Oct. 1, on the school website.

The Cypress College Safety Department stated that these reports are to be released because of the “Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act” where colleges and universities are required to publish the campus crime and security policies by federal law. Congress first enacted the legislation in 1990 as the “Campus Security Act,” and later on Howard and Connie Clery pursued the legislation after their daughter Jeanne Clery was murdered at Lehigh University in 1986. In 1998, the act was later named in her memory which requires colleges and universities to publish the reports by October 1 each year.

The following crime reports were provided by the Cypress College Campus Safety department under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act. The statistics include all reports from the Cypress Police Department and other Cypress College officials as well who hold significant responsibility for students.

Cypress College Annual Report Statistics 2019

Hate Crimes

Robbery: 0 (2016), 0 (2017), 0 (2018)

Aggravated Assault: 0 (2016), 0 (2017), 0 (2018)

Violence Against Women

Stalking: 5 (2016), 4 (2017), 1 (2018)

Dating Violence: 0 (2016), 1 (2017), 2 (2018)

According to Campus Safety, hate crimes may include acts of property damage, harassment, or even verbal intimidation threats. These acts of misconduct can be reported to the Campus Safety Department with the process of a “confidential report” and will also receive important advice and referral information.

The Campus Safety Department also advises to cut all communication if you are a victim of stalking. It should be reported immediately to either Campus Safety officials or the Police by writing a detailed summary of the event and let your friends, family, and employer know you are being stalked.

If you are a victim of dating violence, it is advised to consider going to a safe place and staying away from the person. This act should be reported to Campus Safety or the Police, evidence should not be destroyed, and seek medical attention if necessary.

For additional information, resources, or to report a crime, visit the Campus Safety Department from Monday to Friday their operating hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. located by lot 1 and they can be contacted at (714) 484-7387.

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