Career Center Offers Free Custom Resumes

Looking for employment in today’s job market without a resume is a big mistake; a resume is a must to employers. People no longer walk into a business and fill out applications. Most employers require resumes emailed to them before setting up an interview. The resume is the first contact an employer has with a potential employee: it highlights a person’s work history, extra-curricular activities, and academic achievements.

The Career Planning Center is an untapped resource that the student body and community can utilize to build an outstanding resume.

This is a free resource where everyone is encouraged to get educated on how to build an exceptional resume. The job market is fierce, and without the right guidance, a person will miss out on potential job opportunities. It starts with asking for help, and the staff at the career planning center would like to help.

The center has a knowledgeable staff that assists the student body and community with constructing resumes.

“Having a well written resume will help a person sell themselves to a potential employee,” said Nancy Miller, Career Resource Technician. “The resume cannot be too lengthy or complicated. Employers want to see right up front if the person has the skills to match the job. We also have counselors who will look over a person’s resume and help formulate it too.”

Visitors to the career center can use WinWay, a user-friendly program that creates resumes. Students can even have their resume printed out for free.

“I am currently looking for a job, and the WinWay Resume program is easy to use,” said Brenda Merida, major undecided. “I like the center because it helps students make resumes to find a job,” said Brenda Merida, major undecided.

The center also provides career counselors to look over and critique resumes. These career counselors work hard to ensure those who use their service are a success. The career planning center’s goal is for all members of the community to be successful at finding employment.

“A person’s resume has three seconds to get an employer’s attention,” says Kathleen High, Counseling professor. “If the resume is not laid out correctly the employer will eliminate it from the other resumes. A person must make their resume appealing and target it to a particular job. Leave off information that is not relevant to the job.”

Resumes are not like they used to be; jobseekers need to build a resume that markets their best attributes and is pertinent for today’s job market.

The Career Planning Center is located on the second floor of the Cypress College Student Center. It is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 6 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. Counseling appointments can be made in person at the front desk or via call at (714) 484-7120.

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